Buying – Selling Bitcoin And Where To Trade For Massive Profits

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What Are Bitcoins And How Can You Profit From Them With An Automated System With Trading Strategies And Comprehensive Bitcoin Charts

how to buy and sell bitcoinBy now everyone has heard about Bitcoins (also sometimes incorrectly referred to as Bit Coin)and it has been like a digital gold rush moving around the planet as investors are jumping on Bitcoin to make fast money buying and selling on the Bitcoin exchange. You can hear the stories of people buying in for a few dollars and selling out for hundreds. People buying in at $40 per Bitcoin and selling out for $1200. I personally know someone who bought in at $40 per Bitcoin and invested $30,000 and sold when the price hit $800. Work out how much that made…

Welcome to the world of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency. If you want to join in it is easier, and perhaps more lucrative than you imagine.

Just like any speculative market, buying and selling Bitcoin at the right time to make a profit can be a risky venture if you don’t know what you are doing and that could cost you real money. But if you get it right – you could make even bigger money. Really big money. So the most important factor if you want to trade is to proceed with the right advice. But if you’re really ready to get started, here’s what you need to know: get a trading software package that gives you everything you need to make massive profits online. Whether you are a Bitcoin miner, trader or novice, you will profit from watching the free webinar at our link.


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These powerful strategies leverage the volatility of Bitcoin to make MASSIVE real dollar results quickly and effectively by taking advantage of the rising and falling Bitcoin value.

It is so effective it will become addictive.  Top day traders in other markets like stocks and currencies  will tell you real returns of 20% to 40%  ROI over a year can only be achieved by the best traders out there.

We show you returns of over 8000% ROI pure profit in a year and show how it can be set on Autopilot.

Would you like to see that? Over a one year period?

Bitcoin as you may or may not have heard is the economy of the future, it’s an underground source of huge wealth which allows you to profit from today’s economic problems – in history people have made a lot of money in tough economic times. Have you ever heard of the Rockefellers or the  Rothschilds? These people knew how to make money out of tough times.

Now we have found a simple trading trick that allows you to make huge profits trading Bitcoins 24/7 & how to automate it on autopilot – even if you know next to nothing about computers.

No this isn’t “mining” Bitcoins – so no expensive computer systems needed. This is TRADING Bitcoin.

Are you looking for opportunities? “Do you want to work for money or let your money work for you”

You see the so called “safe & trusted Investment strategies” that everyone teaches like invest in Blue Chip Stocks and Bonds – how is that working out for them? What kind of returns are people getting on their 401Ks?

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In Economic Crisis Times Huge Profits Can Be Made

economic crisis breeds opportunity to trade with BitcoinsCrisis after crisis shows that the world is not stable: Oil Crisis, GFC, Asian Financial Contagion the list goes on showing uncertainty: by any count the US economy is not strong now – dollar decline, increasing debt & the war on terrorism. Experts say that the US unemployment rate is around  9% but many people say it is actually much higher – and it is certainly normal in Europe for young males to have 24%, 30% and even 40% unemployment.

Here in the US 49% of US population lives with some kind of household benefit.

Who can say there is no crisis?

But in crisis there is opportunity. So where is the opportunity?

So where can you invest? Gold – looks good, but is it at the top?

Stocks, shares? Average is 11.5% ROI –  if you are good at it, but even if you are what about the trading fees.



the right time to get into bitcoinThe US Dollar is down 12% over the last 5 years and 40% down against Gold and Oil. Some economists even predict the Dollar could lose its status as the World Reserve Currency.

So where to go? What is the opportunity?

What it is? It’s Bitcoin.

We will show you on the seminar replay how you can trade it starting with as little as $100 and make massive profits on autopilot. If you don’t know much about Bitcoin we have heaps of resources at this site explaining what it is, how it originated and where it is going.

But where is bitcoin now? It is on the cusp of real opportunity.

In 2013 for a while it was worth as much as Gold. Predictions are for it to be above Gold going into 2015.

But what are the risks you ask, is Bitcoin just a fad? Who accepts Bitcoins?

The California Lower House acknowledged the Bitcoin as a legal currency and so has the German Federal Reserve. Top US politicians now accept  campaign contributions in Bitcoin.


Companies that now accept Bitcoin:

Netflicks, Overstock – they picked up over $600,000 in extra revenue within three weeks of accepting Bitcoin and putting a button on their site to pay with Bitcoin – new customers. Tigerdirect,, Casinos in Las Vegas, WordPress, eBay, Zinga – the world’s biggest gamemaker, Tesla car company, NameCheap and eve the US Postal Service is considering exchanges at the post office. There are ATM machines across the US, Paypal considering it. Phew..

Technology Adoption Rates – Where Does Bitcoin Stand

bitcoin uptake adoption ratesIf you look at the Technology Adoption rate of Bitcoin (how fast it is being taken up and used as a technology) it looks similar to the graph showing adoption rates  of the Internet and similar to the uptake of technologies like TV, radio, car, electricity, smart cell phones and airplanes.

But the difference is that we are still in the early adopters phase of the graph. It’s like getting in on the early days of Apple or Google.

How rich would you be now if you’d been smart enough to see into the future back in the 1990’s and invested in internet giants of today when people were saying the internet was a fad.


Trading Bitcoin  – Exchange Trading Software Reviews

bitcoin graphOnly 21m Bitcoins can ever be created. They are stored in a digital wallet or offline in “cold storage’. All transactions are anonymous but all transactions are recorded and can be seen. Yet they are anonymous because the “wallet” ownership is anonymous – but they have a “chain of custody” so every Bitcoin can be fully accounted for despite all transactions being peer to peer with no Government transaction tax or fees.

If you want to switch your Bitcoin into hard currencies like dollars you do it on Bitcoin Exchanges that exist around the world like MtCox or BTEC . The Bitcoin is traded against US Dollars and Euros and other hard currencies all the time, people buy and sell bitcoins on these exchanges 24/7 – it never stops.

And That Is Where The Opportunity Is – Trading

People want to get into Bitcoin as it is immune to inflation as it can’t be printed and only a limited set number can ever exist – as the demand for Bitcoin soars – so the value of Bitcoin increases in waves whereas fiat currencies are losing value – remember what we said about the US dollar above.



We show you in the seminar how our software can get you into

-        High action day trades on Bitcoins for HUGE profits

-        It’s always trading hence you need 24/7 or you could lose big money

-        Reading charts is an acquired skill – our software does it all for you

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-        Bot that gets on multiple exchanges setting signals so you don’t miss any action

-        In an example in the seminar the bot doubled the initial investment in the first two weeks

-        Another live example shows $5,000 turned into $25,000 over four months

Respected financial analyst are talking about Bitcoin getting as high as $100,000. If you get in and run up profits and reinvest in Bitcoins and hold them till the price reaches that kind of level (from around $700 now) – how much money could you make?

Does that sound unreal? But I know people who bought in at $40 and spent tens of thousands doing so – what do you think that is worth now with Bitcoin at $700 plus and rising. Many people are predicting over $1,200 by the end of the year. And not only that you can trade in and out on the way up to take advantage of small corrections and see returns of 8000% per annum pure profit ROI.

This software works on a complex algorithm with safety features based on volume, creating buying and selling signals around moving averages and volumes, across not one but three exchanges like MtCox and BTEC.

A software package that does it ALL for you:

1 ) Advanced Charts For Entry & Exit Signals
2 ) Advanced sound notification settings
3 ) Add support to monitor many exchanges and currencies at the same time
4 ) Add script language to make own advanced trade strategy from simple input settings and parameters
5 ) Develop server to collect all ticker and depth data to provide single websocket connection for realtime data updates
6 ) Make floatable interface
7 ) Allow to save interface settings as Workspace profiles
8 ) Develop mobile application to provide secure remote access to running application on desktop
9 ) Add plugins support to allow all developers attach any exchanges


But what if you are not computer savvy, what if you don’t have the time?

Well, one guy in the webinar talks about how he first set up his trading software in literally one minute and followed the basic trading settings (another minute) then walked away from the software, forgot about it – and doubled his money in a couple of weeks on AUTOPILOT.

He didn’t even know how to download the software till his friend explained “click here” “click there”

So this is available to anyone.

Available to anyone who has the vision to see that Bitcoin is on the cusp of opportunity.

The same opportunity that the internet was back in the 1990s.

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However, if you want to know more about Bitcoins in general first, then I advise you to read on…

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No thanks, just give me more info about Bitcoin in general.

OK… here goes

How Does Bitcoin Work And Why Is It Scarce

The Bitcoin is a digital currency, much like other hard currencies we know like the dollar. You can save it, spend it, invest it, and most importantly use it for online transactions without paying a fee. In 2009 the currency appeared, the first circulated cryptocurrency, created by someone using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. For the Basics On Bitcoin and what it is, we have put together a full “What Is Bitcoin” resourse.

Mining Bitcoins

mining bitcoins

A Lot Of Computing Power Is Required For Mining Bitcoins

Bitcoins can be generated by anyone through the process known as mining which means using a computer to process and solve complex algorithms called “blocks.” If you decrypt an algorithm you earn around 50 Bitcoins. So why doesn’t everyone just do that?  Well, the algorithms are very complex, and after a block is decrypted, the next block becomes more so, making it harder to unlock all the time.

Depending on how powerful your processing power is on your computer, decrypting a single block could take more than a year – if you knew what you were doing. It was designed to be this way as a kind of experiment – a limited number of Bitcoins, each being harder to unlock than the last. It generated a built in scarcity that hard currencies no longer have since they moved away from the Gold Standard. The inventor knew that this would create an intrinsic value – so the Bitcoin was born.

The Easy Way To get Bitcoins

If that sounds too difficult then there is another means of getting Bitcoin – buy it, exchanging physical money for digital Bitcoin at an exchange. This is where trading comes in. Some people buy to hold, some people buy to use as a means of transacting and buying on places like eBay and Amazon. Others buy so they can quickly sell at a profit as the price relative to hard currencies goes up and down.

Bitcoin first came to the media’s attention when its value suddenly jumped 10-fold from $2 to $266 between February and April then again when it went to $1,200 in November 2013 when it hit a peak market value of more than $10 billion. Now Bitcoin is a household name with many big retailers accepting it as a currency for purchasing, governments recognising it and even the State Of California too.

How Do The Bitcoin Exchanges Function

bitcoin price movements

Get Bitcoin Trading Signals

Simply put: they are just like physical currency or stock market exchanges. You are basically buying the one cryptocurrency with another hard currency. The value of a nation’s hard currency relative to the country’s economic and financial worth, and this is ever more true since countries moved away from the gold standard.

In the U.S. for example, the relative value of USD is more than the Thai Baht because of the differences between the two countries’ economic health and their total value – so you can buy a lot of Thai Baht for your dollars – about 30 of them in fact.

The same is kind of true for the Bitcoin, except that its intrinsic value is related to its scarcity and the work that is put into “mining” them and not from the domestic wealth of a sovereign nation. So essentially,  it can be traded like a commodity or currency, with a relative value to other currencies based on scarcity and of course sentiment. In this way it is not a different than trading Gold or futures on wheat. You know it is in limited supply because nobody can just print more Bitcoin, and the price moves with sentiment on what people think it will be worth in the future.

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